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Malaysia Palm Oil Berhad - Codes of Practice
1. Code of Good Agricultural Practice for Oil Palm Estates and smallholdings
2. Code of Good Practice For The Storage And Transport of Processed Palm Kernel Oils In Bulk
3. Code of Good Practice for Palm Kernel Crushers
4. Code of Good Manufacturing Practice for Palm Oil Mills
5. Code of Good Refining Practice for Palm Oil Refineries
3. Code of Good Practice for Palm Kernel Crushers
  1. Introduction
  to establish a food safety system in the production, processing, handling, storage and distribution of crude palm kernel oil (CPKO) and palm kernel cake (PKC)
  2. Purpose
  To provide guidance for the palm kernel crushers for establishing procedures during the handling and storage of the incoming palm kernel (PK), the processing of the PK at the kernel crushing and solvent extraction plants during the production of the CPKO and the PKC as well as handling , storage and transportation of the CPKO and PKC
  3. Scope
  • Provides guidelines that constitute good processing practices from kernel reception through the production, handling, storage and transportationi of the PK, CPKO and PKC
  • Applies to the production, handling, storage and transportation of CPKO and PKC produced through mechanical extraction or solvent extraction process.
  4. Definitions
  4.1 Palm kernel (PK)
  4.2 Crude Palm Kernel Oil (CPKO)
  4.3 Palm Kernel Cake (PKC)
  4.4 Palm Kernel Expeller (PKE)
  4.5 Solvent Extracted Palm Kernel Meal (PKEM)
  5. Requirements
  5.1 Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for Palm Kernel Suppliers
  5.2 Documentation on Traceability
  5.3 Plant Construction and Design
  5.4 Reception and Dispatch
  5.5 Storage and Handling
  5.6 Process Inspection and Monitoring
  5.7 Transportation and Shipment
  6. Labelling - Where Applicable
  7. Environment
  8. Laboratory
  9. Control Of Non-Conforming Products
  10. Specifications

4. Code of Good Manufacturing Practice for Palm Oil Mills
  1. Introduction
  Applied together with any other Acts, Regulations and Codes currently in use such as Food Act 1983 (Act 281) & Regulations, Malaysian Palm Oil Board Act 1998 (Act 582) & Regulations and Environmental Quality Act 1974 & Regulations.
  2. Scope
  From FFB reception at the mil through to transportation of crude palm oil (CPO) and palm kernel (PK) out of the mil.
  3. Definitions
  Refers to Standard
  4.1 Good Agriculture Practice (GAP) from FFB Suppliers
  4.2 Document Traceability
  4.3 Mil Construction and Design
  4.4 Building and Structure
  4.5 Mil Design
  4.6 Mil Equipment and Related Facilities
  4.7 Cage Material
  4.8 Hygiene and Sanitation
  5. Milling Operations and Cpo Dispatch
  5.1 FFB reception
  5.2 Weighbridge
  5.3 FFB Ramp and Hoppers / Bays
  5.4 FFB Granding
  5.5 FFB Unloading Facility
  5.6 Cage Filling
  5.7 Sterillizer Construction / Design
  5.8 Sterilization
  5.9 Sterilized Bunch Elevator
  5.10 Digester Construction

5. Code of Good Refining Practice for Palm Oil Refineries
  1. Introduction
  The objective of the Code is to promote effective hygiene and process controls to ensure quality and safe products for consumers.
  2. Scope
  Requirements for the refining, fractionation, packaging, and other relevant processing of palm oil and palm kernel oil
  3. Definitions
  Refer to Standard
  4. Premises
  • Location, design, construction and layout of a palm oil refinery
  • Applies to all the sanitary and hygienic requirements spelt out for premises, facilities, equipment and personnel.
  5. Utilities, Facilities And Equipment
  5.1 Water Supply
  5.2 Waste Management
  5.3 Separation of Process Areas
  5.4 Tanks, Containers and Equipment
  6. Quality & Proces Conditions
  6.1 Dosmetics Trade Specifications of Crude Palm Oil
  6.2 Dosmetic Trade Specifications of Crude Palm Kernel Oil
  6.3 The Refining Process
  6.4 Quality Specifications
  7 Quality Control / Quality Assurance
  8. Handling, Storage and Transportation
  9. Packaging of Finished Products
  10. Sampling and Analysis
  11. Food Safety
  12. Human Resource


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